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Comment Pirater LA Camcorder Review

The commentpirater LA camera D’un telephone is an awesome little piece of software that makes it easy to see who is typing at any given moment. It will not stop people from being naughty online, but it will allow you to catch them in the act and report them. This can be a great tool to have if you are a parent or a teacher and need to keep track of what your students are doing while they are online. You don’t want to have to spend countless hours looking for those unknown users, but when you see them posting things like “You R so horny tonight honey” it will give you an indication as to what you may be dealing with in a person’s head. That’s a lot of information to deal with, especially if it’s something you never thought about before.

The LA camera D’un telephone comes with everything you need to start and stop the recording with a click of a button. It can be used with any type of computer, even one you have at home on your lap top – or if you’re more comfortable using a MAC, even an iPad. What makes this great is the fact that you can connect it to your laptop or iPhone to view the recording remotely wherever you are – you’ll have to have a free hotspot for this to work, though. The internet connection for this is very fast, and depending on the service provider you’re using, uploading videos can be done in under 10 seconds. For those who are more worried about catching someone in the act, you can turn the volume up so that it will record the words as well as the video.

If you’ve ever considered getting into the cyber-spying game, this might be the perfect spy program for you. There are many programs out there that don’t do nearly as good of a job as the Comment Pirater does. You can rest assured that whatever you find out about someone on the internet, you won’t be the only person who knows about it. The fact that you can use your cell phone to catch someone in the act only makes it all the better. That’s because you can literally record the person’s name, address, service provider, and phone number without them knowing a thing.

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